Elite Agile – what is it?

Elite Agile, what is it?

What's behind it?

What science is behind it?

And the most important question; Can I use it?

Here I try to answer all of these questions and some others.

Elite Agile evolved from an insight while working for Thales Hengelo in The Netherlands.
(Thales is a high-tech company producing radar systems.)

The insight caused a paradigm shift in thinking and a major shift in how to support teams and organizations in their transformation to Agile (Scrum). Now nearly five years later, several tools emerged, and even a method of how.

In the videos below, I take you on a discovery journey. Hence, you learn about the backgrounds, approaches, and a complete plan to transform your organization into an Elite Agile organization. Of course, this can also be used for departments and teams.

These are the topics in the journey.


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Setting the stage


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Why organizations end up in AINO (Agile in Name Only)


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The Elite Agile Team Development Phases


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How to move to Elite Agile


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And if you are interested, Who is Danny Vermeeren?

Do you have insights that you want to dig deeper into or have questions? Schedule a Zoom call with me; I'm happy to meet you.

The 3 steps to an Elite Agile Organization or Team

Elite Agile C-Level management

Step 1

C-level uses Agile for their work and, learn that it works. Thus, they start to trust Agile, become a living Agile example, and coach for the rest of the organization.

Elite Agile C- and M-Level management

Step 2

With the support of C-Level management, M-level management also starts using Agile for their work. As they learn to trust Agile, they become a living example and coach for the Agile Scrum teams.

Elite Agile C- and M-Level management and Teams

Step 3

With the full support of all management, the teams start to transform to Elite Agile teams. Learning that Agile works for them and thus becoming high-performance Elite Agile teams.

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